The program


Program participants will enroll in monthly workshops.

Month 1:​ Becoming a Leader
Month 2: Financial Leadership
Month 3:Mental Health & Self Love                   Month 4: Social Accountability
Month 5:Dress for Success
Month 6:Etiquette Training
Month 7: Public Speaking
Month 8: Community Service
Month 9:​  Entrepreneurship
Month 10:​  Public Health Awareness


Program participants will travel to an academic institution for exposure to college life and the option for higher learning.

An option for domestic or international travel for educational and cultural exposure may be available.


In tandem with the Leadership Program, each month, program participants will shadow a professional in varying career environments to create new options for career interests. Program participants may receive an internship opportunity.

program criteria

Candidates for UrbanCircle Thrive must complete an application.

Applicants must be between the ages of 12-14

Applicants must be committed to the entirety of the program

Applicants must reside in Southeast or Far Rockaway Queens

The Urbancircle thrive Application will be made available first quarter 2018